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La Paz County Sheriff’s Mission Statement

The mission of the La Paz County Sheriff’s Office is to maximize the quality of life to the citizens of the county we serve. To uphold the law fairly and firmly; to prevent crime; to address the problems of the county we serve; to pursue and bring to justice those who violate the law; to keep the peace of the county; to protect, help and reassure all people of La Paz County and to do this with integrity, common sense and sound judgment.

We will be compassionate, courteous and patient. We will act without showing fear or prejudice to the rights of others. We will be professional, calm and restrained in the face of fear, danger and/or irrational behavior.

We will strive to reduce the fears of the public and, in so far as we can, reflect its priorities in the actions we take. We will change and mold our office as necessary to maximize our service in meeting the needs of a growing county.

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Road Re-Construction and Paving Announcement

On Monday November 4, 2019 thru Wednesday November 27, 2019 between the hours of 7am and 3pm the Town will have Sunland Asphalt and their sub-contractors performing road re-construction and paving on the following streets. Notification flyers will be left at the door or gate to all of those businesses and residences that are directly affected by this work with details on the specific days your street will be worked on so please watch for the flyer and don’t throw it away.

Street Segments

Street From To Treatment
Chemehuevi 11th Street Riverside Remove asphalt and install new asphalt
Desert 11th Street Riverside Remove asphalt, install valley gutter and new asphalt
Eagle 11th Street Riverside Remove asphalt and install new asphalt
Fiesta 11h Street Riverside Remove asphalt, install rolled curb, gutter and new asphalt
18th Street Railroad California Remove asphalt and install new asphalt
16th Street Kofa Mohave Remove uplifting asphalt corners and install new asphalt
17th Street Joshua Kofa Remove uplifting asphalt corners and install new asphalt
17th Street Navajo Ocotillo Remove uplifting asphalt corners and install new asphalt
18th Street Kofa Navajo Remove uplifting asphalt corners and install new asphalt

In addition to the above road work the Town will be removing and repaving the parking lots at the Senior Center and Library/Town Hall.
The streets and parking lots will be closed or partially closed during this work and will involve concrete and paving equipment so please be aware.

Traffic control devices will be utilized during this work to provide warnings to motorists and residents to ensure the project is completed safely so please use caution when driving around these streets during the work.
Your patience and understanding is greatly appreciated and should you have any questions please contact the Public Works Director, Steve Ziegler at 928-669-9265.
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Hopefully the subcontractors will not be harassed and asked if they have a joint or smoke weed over 20 times.😂 I'm thankful you folk that are allowing this behavior are exposed. You know, I'm just gonna pray for officer E. Max and the other folks that share his sentiment. Jesus is real y'all.

Dont forget Salome and Wenden, we need patchwork at the least. Oh, and dont forget Vicksburg Road, where the last few months of flooding that are redirected from the pit road is washing all of the fill from beside the road, that used to run through vacant properties. Maybe that work would get done before the cemetary at the Vicksburg church gets flooded and caskets and bodies come floating down the river.

Damn...I usually side with the cops and give them the benefit of the doubt, but that stop was fucking bullshit...it has inspired me to permanently mount a cam in my truck though so I can record anyone that pulls me over...so nice work racists!

Where is that work???? Quartzite????

Will they have a joint?

What??? Not Bronco???

I would like to know if it’s against the law to have an air freshener dangling from one’s mirror. Is it also your office’s policy to detain a driver, asking repeatedly if he has marijuana? If not, Deputy Eli Max should be fired. The reputation of your department is at stake! Bad officers make everyone less safe!I would appreciate a response from you.

Racist or not. Eli Max conducted himself extremely unprofessionally. And it's a little suspicion that he did this to a black man.

Please reconstruct your police force, you can begin by removing the racists

I saw that video of one of your deputies harassing an innocent young black male motorist.It is disgusting that you would put bastards like that on your force. It was pure racial profiling.When will you MORONS realize that you are held to a higher standard AND RACIAL PROFILING IS WRONG???

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We’re obligated to post notice of sales.Image attachmentImage attachment

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Officer eli max racist ass need to get the boot. If not we definitely understand your pro racist

3 days ago

La Paz County Sheriff's Department

The Sheriff's Office would like to wish veteran Detention officer Joe Sena a Happy 60th Birthday ! ... See MoreSee Less

The Sheriffs Office would like to wish veteran Detention officer Joe Sena a Happy 60th Birthday !

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Happy happy birthday joe!!

Well happy birthday Joe from a friend who is now residing in lake havasu. Wassup bro!? May you enjoy every minute! God bless! If you believe in Trump. Lol! Lets get together brother.

Happy Birthday Officer Joe Sana🎂

Happy Birthday Joe, you don't look a day over 40 hope your day was awesome! 🎈🎂

Happy birthday Joe boy!

Job well done! And Happy birthday.

Happy Birthday Joe

Happy Birthday brother

Happy birthday Joe don't drink and drive smoke and fly have fun in sun.

Happy Birthday, from the Madril Family at Grapevine Springs Ranch Inc.

Hey La Paz County Sheriffs, Can You Give Him a Raise So He Can Buy Some New Pants...👖 😳

Happy birthday Joe!! May God bless you with many more.

Happy Birthday Joe.

Happy Happy Birthday Joe!!!

HAPPY birthday & best wishes 🎂

Happy birthday Sir♡

Really Joe, only 60? Happy birthday!

Happy Birthday Joe!

Happy Birthday man

Happy Birthday buddy

Happy birthday Joe.

Happy birthday joe

Happy Birthday Joe!!!

Happy birthday joe!!!

Happy birthday Joe

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This is a KX65

Whats a k5a?

Christian Westbrook

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There's no such thing as a good cop.

Can we bring a joint?

Eli Max working today?

I think you racists need an explanation of what THE ELI MAX VIDEO means. It means every armed robber, murderer, gang member who are of color w arrested by ELI MAX in the 3 years he worked will be a free man with even a mediocre lawyer. Thank you ELI MAX for every arrest you’ve made now has “GET OUT OF JAIL FREE” card. The citizens can thank ELI MAX for every violent criminal walking their streets who will be freed by this video.youtu.be/vmLXAD7FSxY

He accused him again of using drugs at the very end after all the questions/denials and absolutely no evidence! This cop states he does this with everyone he stops. Yeah right. I doubt that or there would have been numerous complaints already. You think he would act like that if he happen to pull someone over that he found out was an official with the local government? Interrogation & harassment over a simple traffic stop. Was he trained in his department to act that way? It is very hard to describe that encounter as "Protect & Serve".

A La Paz County Sheriff’s Deputy has accepted a plea agreement on charges of sexual assault and sexual abuse. La Paz Sheriff's Deputy John Gomez, 43, is alleged to have groped a female deputy at a party.The offer was accepted May 6 in La Paz County Superior Court.Gomez is charged with one count of sexual assault, a class 2 felony. If convicted, he will face a sentence of 5.25 to 14 years in prison. He is also charged with two counts of sexual abuse, a class 3 felony. If convicted, the sentence on each count would be 2.5 to 7.5 years.The Yuma County Sheriff’s Office investigated the matter. Gomez was arrested Aug. 24. He was indicted by the La Paz County Grand Jury Sept. 5.The Yuma County Attorney’s Office is prosecuting this case. La Paz County Attorney Tony Rogers said the case was conflicted out to Yuma County because it involved two La Paz County employees his office worked with very closely.Gomez no longer works for the La Paz County Sheriff’s Office. The Arizona Peace Officers Standards and Training Board revoked his certification.

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ELI MAX racist. Follows a black motorist then stops him for having an air freshener hanging from his rearview mirror. ELI MAX is so ignorant he thought he would get away with it. That’s why you must carry a camera to record police there are too many assholes like ELI MAX as deputies youtu.be/vmLXAD7FSxY

You do realize in La Paz that every arrest of a perpetrator of color by the racist ELI MAX is now null and void. Even a mediocre lawyer can get any perp off and free if ELI MAX was anywhere near the arrest site. youtu.be/VGfBhsck2a4

Why does it look like comments are being deleted?....

Still pulling over POC for air fresheners and and asking them about drugs... Still RACISTS!!

The ignorant ELI MAX still a cop or have they put him into the custodian position to clean the toilets. ELI MAX THE RACIST ASSHOLE. Is ELI missing a few cells in his temporal lobe. ELI MAX Is the reason no one cares about EOWs of LA PAZ COUNTY

Hey kids if you are black or Hispanic I’d stay far away from any deputy. They are all racists especially ELI MAX youtu.be/vmLXAD7FSxY

Blatantly openly racist department. Wow. Psycho sheriff department. The state should take a bulldozer to your department. Unbelievable.

youtu.be/_NqZnm7wQegWorthless lying racist animalsYou have lost all respectYou worked hard to earn the hateEnjoy the fruits of your labor

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