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La Paz County Sheriff’s Mission Statement

The mission of the La Paz County Sheriff’s Office is to maximize the quality of life to the citizens of the county we serve. To uphold the law fairly and firmly; to prevent crime; to address the problems of the county we serve; to pursue and bring to justice those who violate the law; to keep the peace of the county; to protect, help and reassure all people of La Paz County and to do this with integrity, common sense and sound judgment.

We will be compassionate, courteous and patient. We will act without showing fear or prejudice to the rights of others. We will be professional, calm and restrained in the face of fear, danger and/or irrational behavior.

We will strive to reduce the fears of the public and, in so far as we can, reflect its priorities in the actions we take. We will change and mold our office as necessary to maximize our service in meeting the needs of a growing county.

La Paz County Sheriff's Facebook Posts

3 days ago

La Paz County Sheriff's Department

LPCSO is having another paint nite
seats are limited please call to make reservations
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Maribel Villafana and Jane Kendal are holding a device that was used in the past to test people who were applying to be a dispatcher. Pretty funny!! 😂😂 ... See MoreSee Less

Maribel Villafana and Jane Kendal are holding a device that was used in the past to test people who were applying to be a dispatcher.  Pretty funny!! 😂😂

Comment on Facebook

Ha I remember that damn thing. So are you still using it to test the applicants?

Yvonne Petty Lets get one!

Oh the memories.

You should’ve seen what it was like dispatching there in 1988.

Lol 😳 looks like an upgraded ATARI

Been there, done that! WOW😀

I used something like that when I dispatched in CA!


Melissa Parrish

We used this device 19 1/2 years ago.


Riverside Drive entrance, off of SR95, will be closed from 7:00 pm tonight for an unknown amount of time. They’re putting asphalt down on SR95 and not allowing people to cross at the intersection. If you need to access the area near that intersection, you will have to drive up to Resort Road and drive back down Riverside Drive (we don’t know why Golf Course Drive will be closed as well). ... See MoreSee Less

Comment on Facebook

Hope they fix Riverside Drive as well!

Any news if they are closing the road again tonight

anyone know when the road to sandbar will reopen or how to find out

We were in the rv park at the end of River Road during the police chase last night. Can you tell us what was going on?

Alexx Hippen

Katie Torres

Are they extending curbing past intersections?

I hope they open it before our school buses have to pick up kids. Or at least let the schools know some of them might be late.

Anyone interested in giving feedback?

We like to release stories/articles on the La Paz County Sheriff’s Office Facebook account. Unfortunately, it seems like people are mainly interested in the pictures and the headlines. That’s when people come to conclusions without reading the entire content.

Would you be more interested in reading articles that cut straight to the point with bullet systems rather than long narrative?

For example:

* John Doe was arrested for burglary
* he was believed to have committed multiple residential burglaries in the area
* the method was via breaking the back door
* etc.

This might make articles easier to read and encourage people to get the entire story rather than coming to premature conclusions.

Feedback would be nice.
... See MoreSee Less

Comment on Facebook

I always read the full article before coming to conclusions.. I thought all intelligent adults did this? 🤔

I would like to know what arrests are made and the story behind them, it seems as though the news paper no longer does any arrest reports.

Yes bullets and and a full story below is nice, and if you update with if someone was captured is cool too.

Maybe bullet points at top and full story below. That way those of us that want more info have it but those that scan are still getting the basic facts

They are fine the way they are. You guys can’t be faulted for people not reading them totally or not comprehending the content.

I like bullets for the basic points in the beginning of an article than the article so I can see if it is something I am interested in and have the time to read. Thank you for keeping us informed and for the great job you all do.

Reading the full story prior to commenting is the adult thing to do. I don’t think that shortening it will help. Just read the whole story. 🤷🏻‍♀️

Full story please. Trying to simplify with bullet points only caters to the lazy

Bullets up front with full story after, plus follow up on convictions, but items recovered and so on.

that's better to the point

Full story.. to minimize or not post anything at all is the issue these days. It’s nice to get the full story, names, etc. of a situation. And shows that LPCSO is out there putting in work.. I’ve always felt that there was never enough press release of stuff that’s going on on your page.. or very minimal information.. A lot of people use social media for information.. it would be nice to have a reliable source to get that from..

Keep doing what you’re doing. It’s good work. I just wish someone in the Sherrifs Department would pay closer attention to what’s happening out in Salome. Many many robberies in Indian Hills. It’s a phenomenal community because it’s always been a safe one, but lately, it’s been ignored. Please do something about more patrols there. The seniors need to ensure their properties are protected, especially in the Summer months when the snowbirds fly back east. Thank You!

Full story please.. Thank you for your service... Be safe

I think the bullets. Follow up is appreciated if possible. Nice to know if people have been released, etc.

I like the full story and follow up on major crimes.

How about putting arrest reports in the paper again like DUIs or warrant arrest too. I havent seen any in the Parker Pioneer for at 2 months now. We all like to know who is off the streets. Living on Beanpot Hill we are very interested. As far as articles i agree with Brandy Frew.

I like it either way. Bullet points make it easier to read. Printing arrests each week would be nice also. Thanks for the good job.

Like reading full story. No change needed. TY

Personally, I prefer to read the full story. It gives a better picture of what occurred. Coming from a LEO background, it is too easy to make assumptions without the full story.

I read the entire article

I enjoy all the posts from LPCSO...

I like it just fine the way it's been.

Who, what, when, where and maybe how. What else do we need to know? Thanks for communicating with the Citizens! P.S. Whatever you do, somebody will snivel.

Full story and any updates after

Enjoy them as they are wriiten now. Keep up the good work.

Lieutenant Epps, helping us keep costs down!!! 👍 ... See MoreSee Less

Lieutenant Epps, helping us keep costs down!!! 👍Image attachment

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My husband the multi tasker man!! 💚💚


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