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Contact Phone Numbers:

Emergency:   911
Administration:   928-669-6141   (Fax: 928-669-2008)
Detention:   928-669-5816
Dispatch:   928-669-2281   (Fax: 928-669-5823)
Civil:   928-669-6141
Records/Reports:   928-669-6141 x4011   (Fax: 928-669-5630)
Boating Safety:   928-667-4310

Contact Emails:

Sheriff William D. Risen:  [email protected]
Chief Deputy Curt Bagby:  [email protected]
Patrol Lieutenant Richard Epps:  [email protected]
NTF/Investigation LT William Poindexter:  [email protected]
Boating/OHV Lt. Donald Schlecht:  [email protected]
Jail Commander Rico Suffle:  [email protected]
Admin Supervisor Tammy Hiatt:  [email protected]

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