Patrol Division

The Patrol Division is the largest part of the office and the first line of defense to the community. Our goal is to provide 24 hour service to the communities within La Paz County. To effectively reach this goal, the patrol division is divided into three districts to cover the nearly 4500 square miles of the county. To date, there are four substations located throughout La Paz County.

The patrol division is commanded by the Patrol Lieutenant Richard Epps and each shift is managed by a patrol sergeant. Additional assignments in the patrol division include K-9, Arson Investigation, Search and Rescue Coordinator, Critical Collision Investigation, Field Training Officer and the Special Response Tactical Team.

The La Paz County Sheriff’s Department is a participating member of the Arizona DUI Task Force and the United States Border Patrol Stonegarden initiative.

The La Paz County Sheriff’s Office Special Response Team (SRT) is comprised of sheriff deputies who perform special tactical duties in a part-time capacity. Each team member receives specialized training in tactics, firearms, special weapons/munitions, terrorism response and school based response to active shooters.

The SRT was established to respond to critical incidents that involve barricaded subjects, hostage negotiations/rescue, and high risk situations within La Paz County. The SRT is also utilized to serve high risk search and arrest warrants for the sheriff’s office and the Narcotics Task Force.

The LPCSO SRT trains frequently with SRT/SWAT Teams from other area Agencies

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