Property and Evidence overview: Personnel assigned to Property and Evidence are responsible for the intake, management, control and disposal of all property by the La Paz County Sheriff’s Office and the La Paz County Narcotics Task Force.

Their duties include…

  1. · Maintaining evidence, tracking found/stored property in such a manner that the items are secured from theft, loss or communication and can be retrieved in a timely manner
  2. · Maintaining reports of all actions associated with chain-of-custody
  3. · Safekeeping, researching, and authorizing the timely destruction and release of recovered/seized property.
  4. · Receiving and processing court-ordered releases of evidence/property
  5. · Ensuring the timely and legal, correct notification of owners for found property

Releasing Evidence and property

  1. · Weapons, vehicles, and property being retrieved by next of kin are released by APPOINTMENT ONLY
  2. · RELEASE OF FIREARMS – Appointments must be scheduled at least (1) week in advance due to limited availability of personnel.

A Criminal History inquiry will be conducted to determine the prohibited status of the owner. In the event where the owner is found to be a prohibited possessor, La Paz County Sheriff’s Office will retain possession of the firearm and pursue criminal charges.

All other property/evidence being released can be picked up:

Monday – Thursday between 7:30-4:30

Closed Weekends and Holidays

(However it is encouraged to call ahead for an appointment so that you ensure somebody is there to release property to you. If you choose not to do so, know that you may possibly be turned away and told to come back at another time.)

Identification/ownership MUST BE provided at time of pick up to retrieve/claim property.

Keep in mind that our office cannot release property held as evidence until the County Attorney’s Office has sent us a release form. They will only send a form, if no other charges are being filed, 90 days after the case has been adjudicated.

Call (928)669-6141 ext. 4006 for appointments and/or additional information.

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