The La Paz County Sheriff’s Office Custodian of Records is located at:

La Paz County Sheriff’s Office
1109 Arizona Ave 
Parker, Az 85344

Phone: 928-669-6141
Fax: 928-669-2008

Hours- Monday – Friday 8:00am – 5:00 pm excluding Holidays

Police (accident) reports for non-commercial use are generally available 14 days after occurrence, however some complex investigations may take longer to complete.

There is a nominal fee* for copying & mailing of reports.
1st 10 pages: $10.00
Each page thereafter: $0.50

Photo CD/DVD’s and 911 tapes are $20.00 each

*If you are a victim of a crime as defined by ARS 39-127, a report of the incident in which you are a victim will be provided at no cost.

To Request Records, please either fill out the online form below or download the PDF version,  fill it out completely and drop it off  at the La Paz County Sheriff’s Office located at 1109 W Arizona Ave, Parker, AZ 85344.

Online Records Release Request Form

Under the provision of A.R.S. 39-121, Public Records Law, it is requested that the La Paz County Sheriff's Office release the below indicated Departmental Report and/or Record. If you are the victim of a crime per A.R.S. 39-127, the LaPaz County Sheriff's Office will provide one free copy of the report to you or your immediate family. For the purpose of this release, immediate family is defined as: spouse, parent, child or legal guardian. Your request may be denied if it is determined you are not the victim as identified in the report, or are not an immediate family member as defined above. Additionally, your request may be denied if the report is not complete or if it is determined that its release may hinder prosecution.

The fee for all Reports are $10.00 for the first 10 pages and $.50 per page thereafter. Photo CD/DVD's and 9-1-1 tapes are $20.00 each.

(*) Indicates required field. Please fill out form completely prior to contacting the Reports Section

(If the Report will be used for a commercial purpose, describe below the commercial use intended. Commercial use is described as if you intend to obtain the report for sale or resale and/or to make a profit per ARS 39-121.03.)
I understand that the information contained in these documents may be unsubstantiated and incomplete. They are likely to contain information which may be deemed sensitive or embarrassing to and have emotional impacts on the principles. Photo CD's may contain graphic images. I agree to hold La Paz County, its agents and employees, harmless from any claim, causes of action, or other liability that may arise as a result of furnishing these documents to me or as a result of my use or misuse of information contained therein.
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