Task Force Mission Statement:

The La Paz County Task Force is made up of Detectives from the La Paz County Sheriff’s Office, and other local participating agencies. Also assigned to the Task Force is a Special Prosecutor from the La Paz County Attorney’s Office. The overall objective of the Task Force is to work cooperatively with its contributing member Law Enforcement agencies as well as other Law Enforcement agencies, in vigorously identifying, investigating, arresting and prosecuting illegal drug users, dealers and traffickers within La Paz County.

It is the Mission of the Task Force to substantially reduce and or eliminate the detrimental effects that illegal drug use and drug trafficking have on the citizens of La Paz County.

The Task Force uses undercover detectives and confidential informants to infiltrate drug dealers from every jurisdiction within La Paz County. We also coordinate and participate in drug/money laundering interdiction details along Interstate 10 and the other Highways/roadways within the County. Another mission of the Task Force is to assist in educating the public (schools, businesses, citizens) in drug awareness and prevention.

If you are aware of any narcotic or suspicious activity within your neighborhood, please take the time to contact the Task Force and pass on the information. This can be done anonymously by calling (928) 669-9645, email to the NTF Supervisor, or you can send in a tip by clicking the button below

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